Bournemouth’s very own Craft Beer delivered to your doorstep straight from the brewery.

Knight Life Brewing are now delivering our sought after craft beers to your very own homes.

£1.80 per 330ml can
10 cans min order
Price includes LOCAL delivery

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Now you can enjoy your Knight Life brew in one of our limited edition glasses!
Perfectly designed to enhance the flavour and aroma of our delicious craft beers.

330ml – IN STOCK


Peach & Pomegranate Hard Seltzer. 4.0% 1.3 units…. Mellow, floral-fruity nose, perceived more as peach candy with pomegranate, cherry and orange—distinct fuzzy-navel vibes. Pleasant, juicy burst of flavour, melding light sweetness with light acidity to carry the fruit. Dryish, tangy. Fun and quenching.


4.5% 1.5 units Session IPA. Tropical citrus and kiwi hints at sweet and delicious in the nose, but a soft yet assertive bitterness creeps into the sip under the disguise of fruit pith that seems seamless. That perfectly placed gentle bitter note seems to amplify the juicy notes without cloying sweetness.


4.6 %1.5 units Tropical Sour. Big funky Pineapple and passion-fruit notes offer an overripe, intensely aromatic hit. Engaging without pandering. The sip is a huge hit of citrus fruits relative to the aroma, without any of the expected sweetness.


4.8% 1.6 units Premium Pilsner. Crisp and refreshing though light-bodied. The malt sweetness is delicate with bread-like sweetness. The hops give complexity of some spice and floral notes but not overpowering. A bit of bitterness, but balanced with the delicateness of this beer.

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Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour. 5.5% 1.9 units…..“A Classic Baked Pie nose offers lime and yellow citrus fruits, with extremely subtle earthy herbal notes. Refreshing and bright, the sip offers sumptuous sweetness that highlights the lime, Then a mouth fill of delectable coconut and baked pie crust finish.

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Arcadias Kiss

Mega amounts of flavour up front, with rich chocolate and coconut blending together sublimely. There is a smoothness about this beer that carries from the start and all the way through the finish. The earthy roast notes sit in the back of the sip, letting the sweet chocolate and coconut shine. The coconut gives a really intense tropical flavour, with slight tropical fruit (pineapple) that provides a slight sweetness.

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Glitter Ball

A highly concentrated light beam of Galaxy hops gives low bitterness and big tropical flavour. Citrus notes abound in this smooth, refreshing, champagne-like brew.

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Silk Veneers

This New England IPA boasts extreme amounts of citrus fruits with notes of pineapple & grapefruit on the mid palette and subtle hints of coconut on the finish.

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Heavens Whisper

This intense porter is smooth and subtly sweet packed with layers of flavour. Some say it tastes like a Mound of Chocolate Pudding that’s had a huge dollop of vanilla cream placed on top.

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Forty Weight

Coffee Cream and Cinnamon Stout. We teamed up with local coffee roaster Wellington coffee who carefully selected a special blend of Honduras beans giving you “Very bold, strong coffee flavour. Sweet malt profile, hints of vanilla, complex chocolate, slight spiciness, and earthiness. The sweetness is balanced well with the coffee roast and roast malt character. Finishes full-bodied and chocolaty. Nice warmth and smoothness for the size of this beer. A perfect blend of roast maltiness, malty chocolate notes, and intense espresso character.”

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Soft Serve

Deep voluptuous orange colour. Distinctive Peach and Nectarine nose with vanilla hints. Balanced mouthfeel between the lactose and fruit while still allowing the hops to shine through, this NEIPA drinks like a much lower abv and is an absolute pleasure on all the senses.

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Cardinal Sin

Red Rye IPA 6.6% Rye thrives in the harshest conditions and comes to life in Cardinal Sin, a spicy and rugged IPA with fruity, citrus, and herbal hop notes balanced with the dry spiciness of the rye, making the beer aggressive yet comforting to bolster against whatever the winter winds may bring

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An American amber ale crafted using large doses of dark and crystal malts to create a well-rounded beer with a wonderful depth and complexity.

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True Lovers Ink

True love will undoubtedly be found when you try this pastry sour. A beautiful marriage of inky blackberries coupled with subtle spices and a neck-kissing creamy finish from the milk sugars.

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All City Angels

A meticulously crafted American pale ale fermented on fresh orange and lemon chunks and finished with a delicate dry hopping process for those wonderful tropical notes.

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Baby Cakes

Sweet cherries with 100% Madagascan vanilla pods produce an absolute master piece of mouth-puckering sharpness with creamy boiled candy aftertastes.
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Fresh raspberries dominate this beautiful hot weather refresher with a delicate floral spice on the finish. An absolute must for any afternoon drinking with friends.

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An American amber ale crafted using large doses of dark and crystal malts to create a well-rounded beer with a wonderful depth and complexity.

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