Bournemouth’s very own Craft Beer delivered to your doorstep straight from the brewery.

Yep! That’s right! As of April 8th Knight Life Brewing will be delivering our sought after craft beers to homes in the Bournemouth & Poole area.

£2.50 per 440ml can
10 cans min order
Price includes delivery

How to place an order!

1. Call the delivery hotline on 07493 290760
2. Place your order and pay
3. Agree delivery time
4. We’ll call you from outside your property and agree with you where to leave your beer!


Silk Vaneers

This New England IPA boasts extreme amounts of citrus fruits with notes of pineapple & grapefruit on the mid palette and subtle hints of coconut on the finish.

All City Angels

A meticulously crafted American pale ale fermented on fresh orange and lemon chunks and finished with a delicate dry hopping process for those wonderful tropical notes.

True Lovers Ink

True love will undoubtedly be found when you try this pastry sour. A beautiful marriage of inky blackberries coupled with subtle spices and a neck-kissing creamy finish from the milk sugars.

Out of stock…back soon

Baby Cakes

Sweet cherries with 100% Madagascan vanilla pods produce an absolute master piece of mouth-puckering sharpness with creamy boiled candy aftertastes.
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Fresh raspberries dominate this beautiful hot weather refresher with a delicate floral spice on the finish. An absolute must for any afternoon drinking with friends.

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An American amber ale crafted using large dosses of dark and crystal malts to create a well-rounded beer with a wonderful depth and complexity.
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